Dokra art is a traditional form of metal craft that originated in the Dhokra Damar tribes of West Bengal, Odisha, and Jharkhand in India. The name "Dokra" comes from the Dhokra Damar tribe who are the traditional metal smiths and the craft is also referred to as "Dhokra" art.
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The process of making Dokra art involves a non-ferrous metal casting technique that uses the lost wax casting method. The artist creates a clay model of the desired sculpture, which is then coated with a mixture of bee's wax and resin. The wax-coated model is covered with a layer of clay, which is then heated to harden the clay and melt the wax, leaving a cavity in the shape of the original clay model. Molten metal, typically a mixture of brass, copper, and bronze, is poured into the cavity and allowed to cool and solidify. The clay mold is then broken to reveal the final metal sculpture, which is further polished and finished by the artist.

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